October 21–25, 2018  //  Portland, OR

Portland Cocktail Week


How do I attend Portland Cocktail Week?
We have 3 ways you to attend.
  • Apply to Attend as a Student – Those accepted as a student at Portland Cocktail Week are guaranteed admittance into all assigned classes and events. Additionally, you will be invited to a dinner with your Major Class peers, along with a field trip. Some students will also be awarded scholarships, which earn you a room at our host hotel for the week. Applications close 11:59pm ET on July 20th.
  • Sign up for Bartender Pass – Designed for working bartenders, this pass gets you access to all events and classes on a first come, first served basis. It’s absolutely free, and doesn’t require a week-long commitment to the student program – you just need to be currently employed in hospitality.
  • Get an Industry Pass – If you work for a spirits brand, or in the beverage industry in general, you can attend Portland Cocktail week with an industry pass.
What is Portland Cocktail Week?
Portland Cocktail Week is an educational program designed for bartenders who are looking to take the next step in their career.
Who can attend Portland Cocktail Week?
PDXCW is open to ALL people working in the hospitality industry, but the 384 student spots are reserved for working bartenders, managers, and owners.
What kind of classes are taught at Portland Cocktail Week?
The educational platform at Portland Cocktail Week is separated into 6 majors. If you’re applying to the program, you’ll identify the 3 majors that most closely fit your interests. We’ll do our best to place you into one of your top 3 choices:
  • Bartending and Hospitality
  • Bar Ownership and Management
  • Science and Technology
  • Consulting
  • Zero Waste
  • Event Management